Full Version: How much do you think you've spent on Pokémon?
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As a Pokémon fan, how much money do you think you've spent (roughly) on the Pokémon franchise? This counts for all spent ever since you've known about Pokémon, i.e. from the beginning.

For me, I think it would be somewhere in the low thousands. I'm a nut for Pokémon merchandise :3
I think that I definitely have spent more then a few thousand, considering the fact that I have bought most of the mangas, dvds, some toys and most games beginning with Pokemon Red, I even have the Pikachu N64 which was pretty expensive back in the day.
Hmm I'm not sure.
I know I got a lot of games, but as in other things (plushies, toys, etc.) not very much.
A lot of my things were stolen.; 0 ;
I used to own a BIG collection of old rare Pokemon cards, with figurines. But some kid comes up to me and ask's if he can say it. And of course me, I was so gullible. And I said sure.: D The kid literally took it and ran off so fast, it took me 10 seconds to understand what just happened.:c
But anyway, I have many figurines, and maybe over a hundred cards (I know, not a lot), and some games.
So maybe in all about 1000$ to 2,500$.xD
But that's everything from my childhood to now.;D
@Lighting_Raichu I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU!!!!o - e
God I need a job so I can catch up on my collecting.> - > I LOVE TO COLLECT.>83
I think I can add another $450 to how much Ive spent since I bought the pikachu edition gameboy advance and DS lite and the Diamond and Pearl DS lite.
Confused I really need to stop spending so much money

@GloomyHaruka- I lost my Diamond version with a complete pokedex and all Shiny versions of all the pokemon because my friend took my DS without me knowing (which technically is stealing) and lost it.
I've been wanting that for so long.~; 0 ;
And oh shit, that sucks.D: Why don't you get it back?
Or is it one of those mean friends?> . > Ahh I used to have a couple of those, always stole from me and never gave back my stuff. = . = Thank god they weren't big fans of Pokemon.xD Or 2012 would have happened already....
I'll put the rough amount in a couple of words:

Not enough.

In all seriousness, I really couldn't say. A lot, that much I know.
Urgh I know what you mean.> . >
I feel like I have NOTHING.
I need moarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I'm sort of a collector in a way. o 3 o But I never have money and I can't get a job.> . <
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