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Well I decided to make a new thread here.; u ;
This thread is dedicated to anime, manga, J-music and anything else Japanese related.8D
Please respect the rules, and anyone is welcomed to join. ~
Lets start with our first thread topic. c:
What anime/manga are you currently watching/reading?:
Currently I am watching Ergo Proxy. I've been meaning to watch it.
It looks pretty good so far.
I also just finished watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 on Thursday. c:
I seriously haven't cried that hard in such a long time.; n ;
I am also reading the Pokemon Adventures manga from the beginning. ^ 0 ^ I'm at chapter 38.
This is a good idea for a thread

What anime/manga are you currently watching/reading?:

Currently I am reading two Highschool of the Dead and Triage X
both by the same author and artist. Both are very good they are filled with
action and a bit of romance and humor to lighten it up.

As for anime right now I am not watching any thing only because I haven't
had time Sad
Ahh I've hear about Highschool of the Dead, I think they made an anime for it too right?
Triage X, I've never heard of it. o: What is it about?
And that sucks.:c I know what you mean, sometimes I go months without reading/watching anime/manga because I don't have time.; n ; It kills me.
Oh here's another.
Which anime/manga would you suggest at the moment?:
For now, that I can remember I'd suggest....:
~Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
~Natsume Yuujinchou
~Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
~Ao No Exorcist
~Neon Genesis Evangelion
~Full Metal Alchemist
~Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (watch this one after the other one, you'll see huge differences.xD)
~Nabari No Ou
~Ergo Proxy (Not done, but really good so far)
~Air Gear (Ending SUCKED, but still good)
And for movies, I've heard of 2 new movies that just came out this year. They look VERY good. (Though I haven't watched them yet)
~Hotarubi No Mori E
Yeah they made a anime of it but it only covers one part of the manga, that is until they release season 2.
Triage X is about a group of assassins who go around eliminating black labels (people who are criminals and evil)
its a very action pack manga and also kinda graphic.

Which anime/manga would you suggest at the moment?:

Aww. . . u took most of the ones I was going to say
--Death Note
--Code Geass (although the ending sucked)
--Vampire Knight
--La Corda D'Oro (for u music/romance lovers)
--Yu-Yu Hakusho (one of my favorite anime from back in the day)
--Kaze no Stigma
--Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Those are the only ones I can remember at the moment and movies:
--Princess Mononoke
--Spirited Away
Awesome.>: D
I love anime with some graphic scenes.>:3
Have you ever watched Elfen Lied, it has a lot of blood/gore. Though it's a bit short but splendid.~:3
Ahh sorry.xD
Hmm I've heard/watched some of them. c: Some I don't think I've heard of. Must watch.; 0 ;
Gotta watch 'em all.c;
And Studio Ghibli films.~ ; u ; They are GENIUSES.~
Though I heard that the producers are getting too old for it and are trying to find new people to take over. But they can't seem to find anyone who could meet there standards. If they can't find anyone, they will just shut down Studio Ghibli.; n ;
I hope they can find someone, they make such great films.~
If it has blood and gore I must watch

I don't think anyone can take the place of the producers of Studio Ghibli,
they might find some one who can do the job
but the way the original producers present a story can never be copied or replaced.

I have a new topic that I think will be fun to answer:
What has been the best anime/manga u have seen/read this year? and why?

I will have to give this some thought Tongue
Very true.~
It's like getting a new Leonardo Da Vinci.xD
But there was a film (that I mentioned earlier) that came out this year. It's called Colorful. I haven't been able to watch it yet, but if it is as good as I think it is, maybe just maybe they can at least try out for Studio Ghibli. I just REALLY hope it doesn't get taken over my Disney.> . > They'll ruin it with there hidden sex messages. = . =
What has been the best anime/manga u have seen/read this year? and why?:
Hmmmm this is a REALLY tough one.D;
I have many, and I've seen many this year.; 0 ;
But I guess a few would be;
~Ao no Exorcist: it was a wonderful anime. When I started to read the manga i just had a gut feeling they'd make it into an anime. c: I really though it might be just as popular as Naruto or Bleach.~ Unfortunately I was wrong. I was disappointed to see only to see 25 episodes. I though it would at least reach 50. And I thought at the beginning had mostly fillers, then the ending was rushed. But I still REALLY enjoyed it.; u ; I hope they make a season 2.
~Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: OH MY GAWD. I cried so hard when i watched it. It was a real dose of reality. Just wow. It was so powerful. And the ending was very unexpected. I wont reveal the ending, but when you do see it, your soul will cry.; 0 ; I think they could have made the style of drawing less 'big eyed' anime for such a heart wrenching story, but once I got used to it, it suited the characters quiet nicely.~
~Natsume Yuujinchou: ERFHUIFEADWJIUY this was just AMAZING was well!!! What a watch. This series really resembled to Hell Girl. Not so much the 'hell' part, but the part with spirits and each episodes (with a few exceptions of part 2's) is a different story. I love anime's like that. Some people didn't like it, but I loved it. Season 3 will be coming out in January. I can't wait.~ I find there are SOME yaoi hints, again some people didn't really like that. But I didn't mind it.~x3 TEEHEE.
Okay fangirl moment.> - >
Ahhahaha.xD Anyway, those are the only 3 I can remember so far. e n e My brain hurts from the whole day of fangirling and such.xD
If I manage to watch the movie Colorful, I'll let you know if it was good or not. c:
If Disney does take over then I would lose all hope in man kind.

What has been the best anime/manga u have seen/read this year? and why?:

I would have said Naruto only if they would get to awesome epic battle that they been hinting to but all they been doing is stalling
so am not picking that

I think the best manga I've read this year would be La Corda D'Oro.
I think that this had just the right amount of drama and romance, the characters where well written
and the story progresses at a reasonable rate.

The best anime would be Vampire Knight it really surprised me and I got to say I truly enjoyed it
It is a lot of fun to compare the anime and manga and see all the differences
between the two
I think 2012 would happen if Disney took over.> . >
Yeah, I honestly stopped reading/watching Naruto. It's honestly ridiculous, they're taking too much time.= . =
Plus a lot of fans sort of ruined it for me.< . <
Ahh yes Vampire Knight.~ I still haven't seen season 2, but the anime was surprisingly good.xD
I thought it was going to be lame. Like Twilight.xD I'm really not a fan of the whole 'vampire romance' thing. It's so cliché.
But Vampire Knight was pretty good.~
Oh by the way, I watched the movie Colorful yesterday and I must say...
I'm sort of disappointed.:/
I was expecting A LOT more. It was going pretty good to the beginning to the middle. But the ending was HORRIBLE.D:< I was like 'I wasted 2h of my life for this!?'. Urgh.> . > I am so disappointed.> . <
It wasn't even true to their summery of the movie.xD What a rip off.
Well hopefully the other movie will be much better. It sort of reminds be of Natsume's Book of Friends.~:3
So I think that may be a good movie to look forward too.xD
What are some new anime series you are looking foward to this winter(2012)?:
Natsume's Book of Friends season (I think, I lost track.xD FAIL) 4.
I probably already said it like 3 times.> . > But it's so wonderful, cute and saddddd.; u ; For some reason I love sad anime's.~
I mean seriously they been hinting the battle for almost a year now I just want to see some ass kicking and I just hope it doesn't suck or that Sasuke or Naruto dies.

What are some new anime series you are looking foward to this winter(2012)?:

High School DxD
Code Geass Gaiden: Bokoku no Akito (I just hope the ending doesn't suck)
and Hopefully season 2 of Highschool of the Dead

I just thought of a fun question that should get some laughs out of us
Have u ever had a crush on a anime character, if so what character?
I heard that Sasuke already died though. o . o
Though it's probably not true.> . > I hope not, I like Sasuke.xD I fin he's badass. Then again 90% of the fangirl's say the same thing. ._.
Ohhh I heard of the new season of Code Geass. o: Funny thing is I still haven't watched it.; 0 ; I've been really meaning too, but I just never do.:c And it looks so good too.~ I love CLAMP. They make wonderful anime/manga. And they are such good story tellers.:3

Have u ever had a crush on a anime character, if so what character?:
Oh jeez like you have NO idea.~xD
When I was a kid I had a MAJOR crush on Ash.>///.///>
(So typical.xD)
I also fangirl over many other anime charters.xD Though I wouldn't call them 'crush' persay, but more of a fangirlsm?xD (is that a word?)
~Steven Stone
~Red (not so much the manga version, but the version we keep seeing him as.xD)
~Yusei Fudo
~Jaden Yuki
Oh god, I feel so forever alone admitting this.
[Image: foreveraloneplz.png?1]
Oh here's a new topic.;D
What are some of your favourite anime pairings?:
I'll answer this one later.xD
Sasuke better still be alive or there will be hell !!!
and Code Geass is a good anime overall the only thing that lets it down is its ending, but its still worth watching.

Have u ever had a crush on a anime character, if so what character?:

U are not alone I've like a couple of anime characters my self:
--Alexis Rhodes
--Zoe Orimoto
--Meia Gisborn
--Saeko Busujima
--Sylvie van Hossen
--Zakuro Fujiwara
There are alot more but I can't seem to remember
them right now

What are some of your favourite anime pairings?:

These are some of the couples I like, they are in no specific order

--Yusei Fudo/Akiza Izinski
--Lelouch Lamperouge/Kallen Stadtfeld

I don't know what the heck is going on with my head,
I can't remember anyone else
What anime/manga are you currently watching/reading?

PM Gals… which is, um… not appropriate for younger viewers. ^.^
Oh Gambler Club, no one can draw Pokémon doujins as good as you~

Which anime/manga would you suggest at the moment?
Fruits Basket. That manga is so stunningly cute yet sereal—and the anime is great as well.
@Arekkusubara I regret googling it.; 0 ;
LOL. (Then again I've seen worst.)
@Lighting_Raichu LOL.xD Sasuke is BOWSS. And I know what you mean. Air Gear was like a REALLLLLLY good anime. It's the only sport related anime I really love.xD But the ending had to be the worst I've seen in anime history.D;
Some of my fav pairings would be;
Ash x May
Izaya x Shizuo
Yoite x Miharu
Natsume x Tanuma
Kalin Kessler x Yusei Fudo
Jaden x Yusei
Black x White
Red x Green
Steven Stone x Ruby
Aaron x Falkner
And uhmmm that's all I can remember.; 0 ;
I have WAYYYYYYYYYY more but I can't remember them all.xD
(You notcie how most of the pairings are guy x guy?8D TEEHEE)
@GloomyHaruka- I would have warned about PM Gals, but I thought it would have be best
if u saw it for yourself.

I have no problem with any kind pairings,
I mean everyone has different likes and dislikes.

If you could choose any manga or anime to put yourself in which would it be?What would be your character's name?and what would be their role

I am sure we all have read or seen a manga or anime, were we thought it would be awesome to be in.
It's okay, honestly I have seen much much much worst.xD So that was nothing. It was just awkward because my mom almost walked in my room.xD Oh jeez.; n ;

If you could choose any manga or anime to put yourself in which would it be?What would be your character's name?and what would be their role?:
OHOHOHOHOHOHO.~ Honestly I'd have to say I wished that a lot.; n ;
But I don't really portray me in it, just my character(s) I made up in my head.xD
So it's like an EPIC fanfiction playing in my head.
@GloomyHaruka - I know what you mean
my mind is fill with so many things that I wished happened
which is why I decided to make a comic.
I have sooooo many ideas I just wish I had more time.
I knowwwwwwwww.; 0 ;
I wish I can draw comics.x3 But I feel as if I still need to practice more on my drawings before I do.
It's like I'm not ready yet.xD
And I wish I had more time to do these stuff too.xD
I mean it's already 8;30 right now and it feel's like I just woke up maybe 2h ago?
(And I woke up really early too.)
Makes you feel as if time flies by too fast.:c
Oh well.xD

What's the most WTF anime you've ever seen?:
I'd say Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.xD It's perverted but they look more like grown up versions of the Power Puff Girls. o . o It isn't so bad, again I've seen worst.xD But as you watch it you still say WTF to yourself.xD
I think I have a new favorite anime Tongue

What's the most WTF anime you've ever seen?:
Personally I think it would be Tokyo Majin, not because its weird or anything, but the way the whole story flows, how the character's develop and how it ends makes you say WTF just happened.

What has been the most disappointing manga or anime you've seen or read ?

I have to say again Tokyo Majin, it had soo much potential. It had a cool set of characters, an interesting story idea and it was a big let down. The only positive would be the action scenes but even they are disappointing to see
Ohhh what is it? :3

LOL.xD I saw maybe 2 ep of that anime, and I was already like WAT? I was sort of confused, I felt as if it wasn't that promissing.:/

What has been the most disappointing manga or anime you've seen or read?:
Hmmm I guess I'd say Air Gear. I mean the anime was great, AWESOME characters, awesome plot, amazing art, first sport related anime that I actually got seizure watching it. Yet the ending SUCKED.D:<
Because they cut it off to early so they could continue the manga. Which happens a lot in the anime world, and I sort of understand. But I think they should have at least chosen a better ending.D; It was HORRIBLE. I mean words can not describe how lame it was. It wasn't even an epic last ep, it seemed like something you'd see on ep 5. And too top it all off, at the very end Ikki (the character) said some cheesy line then gave a thumbs up.> . > I mean....REALLY?
Also I'd say Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. That anime was such a lovely anime, but again, they cut it off to early. To truly understand the whole story, you have to see the whole way through. I felt the anime was better than the manga, so I haven't really gone too far in the manga. So I basically don't know the whole story to it and how it will/has end. Sort of frustrating. I love CLAMP, and this anime got me into them. But it's still disappointing. Not to mention it sort of got me into Advanceshipping as well.
I'd also say Ao No Exorcist. Biggest disappointment this year. I truly believed this would become the next big anime, like Naruto or Bleach. It had so much potential. But they used fillers (I don't mind fillers so much, but in this case, I wasn't a huge fan of it) and the ending was wayyyyyyy rushed. Not that it wasn't horrible, just rushed. I think this should have been a lot more ep, the directing should have been better. I still liked and all, but I was just truly disappointed.
And one last one to rap this up, the movie Colorful. I thought this would be Studio Ghibli material. But I was wrong. It started out pretty good, I truly enjoyed it. The middle was still going alright, but started to drop. And as we got to the ending, URGH. Honestly it made me waste 2h. of my life for that ending? It didn't even serve the purpose of the whole movie or summery. I mean, if I looked at it in another perspective, it was a semi good ending. But for my taste, no it wasn't. It could have been a lot better. Such a shame.
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