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Yeah, as the title asks, what is your favourite Pokemon, and if you so wish, give a detailed description as to why.

That's pretty much it.

Also, if possible, mention if your favourite moveset for the pokemon (if you use it in a team or something).

Anyways, for my answer:

My favourite Pokemon is obviously Aggron. I just love steel types, since they are freakin awesome, and then somebody in Game Freak must've had an awesomeness overload and pourred pure Win into a vial of steel and dinosaur bio-matter. It's part T. Rex, part Triceratops, part Steel Armour, and part pure coolness. Charlie Sheen might be winning, but he has nothing on Aggron.

Anyways, enough of that fanboying over it. Time to get onto the technical stuff.

252 atk evs, 252 spd evs, 4 sp def evs, Head Smash, Dragon Claw, Brick Break, Rock Polish, ability is Rock Head, item is Leftovers.

Great type coverage. Nothing can actually resist all of it (The only thing that can is Ghost/Steel, but that doesn't even exist yet).

So, what are your favourite pokemon?
Nice choice

Personally my favorite would be Rayquaza (Raichu a close second)
I chose Rayquaza because it is one of the best Dragon types. Like most Dragon Types is does well
against most types with the exception of ice and dragon types, but with the rarity of dragon types
it is not much of an issue and the variety of moves that it can learn allows it to be able to take on ice types

Shiny Rayquaza lv.100 (currently leads team)

Max Stats with Beneficial Nature:
HP 414, Atk 438, Def 306, Sp.Atk 438, Sp.Def 306, Speed 317

Dragon Claw, Aerial Ace, Ice beam and Flamethrower ( moves change from time to time)

Because I teach it different type moves it allows me to be more flexible with the type of pokemon I choose
Oh jeez I have SOOOOO many.xD
I wont type in stats or anything, but I'll type up why and my favourite moves for it.~
I like it because it's one of my favourite Dragon types. It may not be a legendary but it's just as (in my opinion more) powerful. When I first say it, I fell in love.~ It's always portrayed as a villains Pokemon in the anime, but to me it's a majestic dragon. c:
Fav moves: Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Crunch, Fly/Iron Tail/Earthquake (But I usually go for earthquake or Fly. Depending if Salamence is my only flying type)
Urgh when I saw this new Dragon/Dark type come out I spazed out.; 0 ; Two of my favourite types merged!? HELL YEAH. I thought it looked so interesting. It reminded me of Greek mythology. Such an interesting creature.; u ;
Fav moves: Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Earth Power.
The most beautiful of all Psychic types in my opinion.~ And most powerful as well.
Fav moves: Psychic, Morning Sun, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam/Zen Headbutt/Psybeam. (Depending the generation.)
And I have A LOTTTTTTTTTTTT more (trust me).; 0 ;
So I wont name them all.;D
But my main fav types would be;
Steel, dark, psychic, bug, fire, ghost, dragon, ice and water.
My second favourite Pokemon would probably have to be Ferrothorn.
Why? Because it's Ferrothorn. Tankin laik a bawse.

Gyro Ball, Toxic, Leech Seed, Power Whip

Careful Nature, Lots of Def, SpDef, HP, and Atk evs.


Everything drops. Only thing that can resist all of that is another Ferrothorn.
Ohh another one would be Froslass.~
I love that Pokemon, I also love Glalie.; u ;
Moveset; Ice beam, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Hail/Ice punch/Blizzard (Again depending what kind of team I want to form.)
Moveset for Glalie: Crunch, Ice Beam, Ice Fang, Earthquake/Shadow Ball.

What were your first Pokemon?:
Umbreon and Espeon. c: Pokemon Coliseum was my first Pokemon game.~
I just can't believe I transferred them into my DS. -.- I was such a noobish kid back then.> . >
What were your first Pokemon?:
My first pokemon was Chikorita.
Mind you, that was after a restart when my young, stupid, sexist self found out that my previous Chikorita was female.
Yeah, I was really stupid back then.
What were your first Pokemon?:

My first pokemon was Charmander
I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I
picked the fire type as a starter.
Although it was harder to get through the first two gyms
I liked the challenge, and since then I picked the fire types starters
Except for D/P and B/W.
Don't worry, I'm like that with my Pokemon's SOMETIMES. ._.
I like certain Pokemon as male and some female. I was really pissed though, the other day I caught a Oddish and evolved it into a Bellosom until I realized it was a male and not female. ._. FUUUUUUUUUUUU.
@Lighting_Raichu Ahh Charmander.~ I usually pick fire types as well. But I HATE Infernape.D; Urgh it's ugly and it always looses. Cheap rip off of Blaziken.
I have alot of favorite Pokemon lol. I dont have 1 favorite so I'll list them all.

Alot of my favorites are those cute 100 stat event legendaries. Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Shaymin, Victini. I also love Eevee and several of its eveolutions, Umbreon, Glaceon, Vaporeon , and Leafeon.

Froslass: Interesting type and nice design.
@Shiny Celebi, I love Froslass.> u > It has such a neat concept.~:3 Plus I love Ghost and Ice types.xD
I'm not a big fan of Shaymin to be honest.; 0 ; But I like the other 3 including Manaphy.> u <
And I love all the Eeveelution's.; u ; I like how 2 Eeveelution's can usually match. :3
Espeon x Umbreon
Vaporeon x Jolteon
Glaceon x Leafeon
Though there isn't really one for Eevee and Flareon.; 0 ; (Unless you replace on of the other Eeveelution's above, or put the 2 together.)
My favorite Pokemon would be Oshawott/Mijumaru, I remember on how much hate it had when it was revealed until the anime changed all that.:03 it's one of the cutest Pokemon and I can't stop obsessing over it esp. Ash's Oshawott.<3
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