Full Version: New Years Resolution Contest Suggestion?
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I was thinking, after the New Years (so after January 1st) we can have a contest? :3
I was thinking, make an extra theme for the forum. So it'd be a banner making contest.
Of course we'd still have all the other theme's the forum has to offer.
But the winner's banner would be one of Pikapost's many theme's. c: And stay in the list of theme's forever?Big Grin
Or maybe 1st place stays forever.
2end place a year.
3erd place 6 months.
And the rest a week or 2. c:
I don't know I had the idea yesterday.xD
And actually I'm just curious since we're on the topic.
What's the max size the site will allow for a banner?
And how do we change themes? o . o
I like the idea, I am always up for a friendly contest
I think that its a good way of get others more involved

As for how to change themes
-Go to UserCP
-Left menu under your profile click Edit Options
-Then under Other Options go to Board Style to change it
Yes, my thoughts exactly. c:
It can be any theme as long as it revolves around Pokemon.
So like shipping, specific Pokemon's, specific character's, crossover's, etc.
Though we'd need permission and more people to participate.xD
But I think it'd be fun!~
EDIT: Oh and thank you!!; u ; I've been wondering how for a while now.xD
I apologize it took me so long to see this, but I think it's a go, if we can pull it off before the end of January.

I'll go make a stickied thread for it, among other preperations, so be sure to read it in Announcements and Rules—once it's up!
Awesome I can't wait!!Big Grin
And LOL, don't worry about it.xD
(Oh I think i see it in my Pm's, gonna go check it out now.~)
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