Full Version: Pikapost is thinking of moving - what do you think?
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Well, what do you think should happen, given the pros, cons, and notes provided below?

  1. People will have to start going to a new web address
  2. All threads and accounts that were created here will have to be re-created

  1. The new forum will be located at an easy-to-remember address
  2. Unlike this board, we will be able to use thread prefixes, custom post icons, and custom smilies, and will be able to check for database errors
  3. Favicons (the small graphics depicted in the corner of your address bar) can be added at the new host on a per-skin level
  4. Almost any available MyBB plugin can be installed, not just a selection from a list
  5. A fully-customizable Social Groups feature has been implemented for everyone
  6. Thread liking and disliking, along with profile pictures has been installed at the new board
  7. Visitor Messaging and Profile Visitor History has been fully enabled at the new Pikapost

  1. The new forum will be using the exact same forum software used here: MyBB 1.6.5.
  2. The same staff structure will be in place, although different username styles will be used.

Remember, as a member of Pikapost, voting in the poll above is a must, but if you wish, you may also post your thoughts about it in this thread.

Lets do it. We only have a few members anyway.
Let's wait for more people to get the chance to vote, K? ;)
Hmmmm well, will I still be a senior member (because I like being a senior member.xD SHOT.)?
Personally, I don't mind if we switch or not, which ever floats your boats.xD LOL.
Though I will sort of miss this place.~; n ;
If we do move, just letting you all know that I'm going to copy and paste all the threads I made here into the new thread.:3 (So we don't have to re-write it.xD)
But will there be more new member joining?
Anyway's, if you guys think it'll be better for the forum and all the new and old user's then I'll vote for a yes.:3
Oh yes, everyone will retain their current usergroups, i.e. you'll still be a senior, Valor will be a staff admin, I will be the site admin, etc. All groups will use different username styles, but everyone will generally have the same features they did here (if not more features ;D).

I've fully prepared the new MyBB server and I'm currently copying the rules over to it. Also, I'm going to list the whole slew of awesome features that I installed on the server to the first post ;).
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