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Pokémon Fanfiction - GloomyHaruka - 12-28-2011 10:33 AM

Pokémon Fanfiction:

Welcome to Pikapost's Pokemon fanfiction thread!Big Grin
On this thread you may share your own Pokemon fanfiction, or you can discuss some of your favourite's? And share idea's as well as opinions.~
Here you can unwind your writers side, weather your new or a pro anyone is welcomed to join.~xD As long as you respect the rules of this forum and thread.

~Here you may post only the links of where your fanfiction is (ex; fanfiction.net, etc.), but you are allowed posting previews or summery's. This way we can keep the page cleaner. c:
~Please let us know in advance (when posting the link/summery/preview) what is the rating. This is to unsure we don't have any problems with other members.
~It can be any sort of genre, as long as it's Pokemon related. Cross over's are allowed as well.
~If the story is 18+ please put a spoiler tag on it.
~You may discuss/suggest other fanfiction's to other's.
~You may put ONLY summery's of other people fanfiction's, but you must put the link to the original fic/author afterwards. You are not allowed posting a preview from the original text. This is to make sure we respect these authors.
~Please give CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Do not be rude/mean on one's work. If we feel you are being rude, we will kick you out of the thread.
~You may advertise links to where your fanfiction is, or page. As long as it doesn't get to repetitive.
~Please check your spelling/grammar. It's okay to make mistakes, but there are certain limits. (Ex; h@!!!!, hOw r U???)
~No bashing.
~If you have any concern's and/or question's, please PM me!~

(Here you can give me the link of your writer's page.)

RE: Pokémon Fanfiction - Tank the Aggron - 12-29-2011 05:20 AM

The Coolest Aggron Ever's Fanfiction

This is my fanfiction. Go on as you please, chillins.

RE: Pokémon Fanfiction - GloomyHaruka - 12-30-2011 08:37 AM

@Tank the Aggron your name as been added to the list.:3
And I also like bacon.>;D
Oh by the way, I just read Chapter 1 of 'Better Late Than Never'.; u ;
Very wonderful indeed!!:D
Though I find you made Ash seem like Red (from the video games) when he was 12.xD Though I sort of like it like that personally, makes Ash seem badassed.;D
The only think I would change would be this line;
'All he had to do now was finish off the rest of the fools in this tournament and then… uh… create lots of little Charmanders with Charla.'
When I read that I was like, what? o . o LOL.
I also like how you make Brock extra perverted.xD LOLOLOLOLOL.~
And you also made the battling scene's wonderful.~ I'm ususally not a huge fan of battling scenes, I'll just skip through it very fast, but you've written it very well!:D
Well I didn't bother reviewing it on FF, since I am reviewing it here.> u > But if you want me too, I can!:3
Anyway's, can't wait for chapter 2 to come out. c:

RE: Pokémon Fanfiction - Tank the Aggron - 12-30-2011 10:10 AM

It'll be done soon. I hope. Ash is kind of meant to be a complete and utter boss in this fic.
It will be freakin hilarious how May and Ash meet.

If you wish to know any spoilers, just PM me, and I'll tell you through those. It'd be better to do on FF.net though, since the PM system there is quicker.

RE: Pokémon Fanfiction - Arekkusubara - 12-30-2011 01:59 PM

I'd like to make some more Pika-like modifications to the rules. May I change them, please? I ensure you no drastic modifications, just some tweaks before I get the rules up for The Writer's Desk.

RE: Pokémon Fanfiction - GloomyHaruka - 12-31-2011 07:54 PM

Yeah sure, it's your forum.xD

@Tank the Aggron LOL can't wait.xD And yes I've noticed.~ Ash is BOWSS. (You noticed in the AG series he was ULTRA BOWSS?)
And LOOOOOOOOL.xD oh jeez I can just imagine.xD
Okay I'll PM you on FF.net. c: