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SatoHaru Discussion Thread - Arekkusubara - 12-09-2011 07:15 AM

SatoHaru Threaded Discussion

This thread is for general, topic-based discussion about the SatoHaru pairing (Ash×May), also known as AdvanceShipping or sometimes AaMayL.

Let's start with a topic, shall we? Note that all thread newcomers must answer this before any other topic—its a tradition of shipping threads on many boards.

How did you come to like SatoHaru?

I guess it started when I first found out there was other media besides Pokémon Emerald (I later found out about the whole "generation" system and the old games), and once I got into watching the anime, I took a strong liking to Ash and May being together. To explain this, I could easily relate myself to Ash (i.e. easily provoked, stubborn when it comes to what I really like, and often dense, etc. etc.), and I love the animeverse hair that May has. It seems that her hair is comparable to how a Japanese girl might let down the head hair above her ears to cover them (A Chinese girl I knew told me the Chinese word for it, but I forget what it was). When I looked into the older anime, it really gave me a bitter taste watching it, and how Ash and Misty were constantly in a love-hate friendship really took away from my liking of the Indigo League.

RE: SatoHaru Discussion Thread - TomboyTrainer Angel - 12-10-2011 10:32 AM

I'll bite...but I warn you, it may be a little long...=^~^=

How did you come to like SatoHaru?
As a longtime Poke anime viewer, I admit that I was once a PokeShipper only b/c I always thought Misty would never be replaced and she might end up as Ash's GF just liek everypony elsethen...BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE...Misty just go replaced.XDDDD not hat I'm a Misty fanatic but I was really used to her being on the show.XP Anyhoo as I saw May, I found her to be okay but i didn't like how she views on Pokemon until she grew on me. My whole PokeShipping support-mode kinda went away as I wasn't really interested in that romance stuff anymore so I watched Pokemon AG for pure enjoyment. I was in a temporarily dense period as I didn't took time to sink in the fact that there may be (or I think) something going on between Ash and May...Then when I watched the Bicker the Better; the arguing between May and Ash reminded me alot of the old days but the whole "in love/couple" remark made by Oscar and Andy blew my mind...D: So here I was thinking if Ash can be paired up w/ May rather than Misty? I mean the way the two apologize in the end made my heart melt so my thoughts about them as a couple began...I re-watched each AG episode and analyze for any hints...yeah that's my story for supporting my OTP.Tongue

RE: SatoHaru Discussion Thread - GloomyHaruka - 12-11-2011 09:43 AM

I've been waiting for this thread to come.; u ;
How did you come to like SatoHaru?:
It all started in elementary when the Advanced generation first came out.
Now I'll admit, I never really liked Misty. I always thought she was an awful friend.D; The way she'd often yell at Ash, put him down, etc. Sure they had a few moments, but honestly it wasn't enough. I also thought she was totally useless. She was a gym leader but often lost. ._.
Anyway, when I first say May, I REALLY didn't like her.> . >
Because she said she didn't like Pokemon, and Pokemon is MY LIFEEE. o - o
But later, when Ash burnt her bike I'm like, "Oh crap. Another one who's going to abuse and yell at him...". But she didn't. o - e
Then later on, I saw how nice she was to Ash, and how worried she was for him. And how she began to like Pokmeon. (Note, I started seeing this in the first episode.xD)
Then BOOM. She became my favourite character.xD
And this was also the same time when I started to watch more anime (mainly TRC. Which had a lot of romance and stuff), so I became more aware of the hints.:3
Also, during the year I started going on the internet more. That's when I also first discovered youtube. And also where I saw my first AMV. It was AamayL with the song Evolution by Ayumi Hamasaki. Best AMV ever!!
Now, there are A LOT of other reason's why I am an Advanceshipper. But this is how it all started for me.x3
For me, each and every episode and movie had Advanceshipping all over!!>8D

RE: SatoHaru Discussion Thread - Lighting_Raichu - 12-11-2011 10:45 AM

How did you come to like SatoHaru?:

Ah yes. . . the question every Advanceshipper must answer at some point.
I didn't really know what Advanceshipping was until a friend of mine mentioned it to me,
of course curiosity got the best of me and I started to look into it.
After seeing all the amazing art work and all the fanfics I began to see what everyone saw, just how compatible Ash and May are.

Usually I don't like when the main characters change in an anime or manga but this is an exception and I got to say that this has easily become one of my favorite pairings

RE: SatoHaru Discussion Thread - GloomyHaruka - 12-18-2011 01:29 PM

Here's some fanart to bring the thread back to life. c:
Please note that none of these are mine. I found all of these on google, so I have NO idea who drew them. If anyone knows who drew them, please tell me so I can edit it. c: Thank you.~
[Image: pkmn.jpg]
[Image: advanceshipping-pokemon-21513719-400-533.jpg]
[Image: ash108.jpg]
[Image: 362.jpg]
(I believe the one below is made by Rk-Reven/RavenRaven.)
[Image: satoharune2010.jpg]
[Image: haruka10.jpg]
( xox1melly1xox on deviantART.)
[Image: satoshi___haruka___hug_color_by_xox1mell...3kl7dg.jpg]
[Image: advance44.jpg]
Okay, I'll stop for now.xD Again please tell me if you guys know the name of each artist so I can put them in. c:
[Image: satoharuumauma.gif]
Found here; http://xspringx.ifdef.jp/peach-color/00.html

RE: SatoHaru Discussion Thread - Tank the Aggron - 12-18-2011 08:37 PM

Oh dear.
That Plusle and Minun picture reminds me of a flash I saw on Newgrounds.
It was rated M. I'll let you guys figure out the rest.

How did you come to like SatoHaru?:

Hehehehe.... Well, you see, I started liking it when I was a bit younger, for... reasons I'm sure that you'd get out of any 13-year-old. To put a long story short, I greatly disliked Drew, and I could relate to Ash, and as such, I thought that May was... nice-looking (HEY, I was 13, I wasn't that much older than her, so don't think I was a pedo). Now, I have a more non-related-to-my-*ahem* reason for liking this, namely the fact that a lot of the hints are very hard to argue for. This is coming from a guy who's argued that roses are not a two-sided hint with a contestshipper, and by some manner of miracles, managed to succeed.

RE: SatoHaru Discussion Thread - GloomyHaruka - 12-28-2011 09:41 AM

Made a AamayL userbanner to kill time.; u ;
You guys can use it if you want, as long as you give me credit.xD
[Image: aamaylsupport.png]
I'll make moarrrr stuff later.xD
Hmmm how about a topicccccccccccc?

If May/Ash got sick, how would Ash/May react and do?:
(Mostly did this topic since I'm sick myself.xD SHOT.)
If May for example suddenly fainted because she had a fever, I think Ash would run to her rescue and carry her somewhere so she can rest.~ And be by her side till she wakes up.; u ;
And if Ash suddenly had a high fever, I think May would scold Ash a bit telling him he should rest instead of training.xD And then take care of him.~:3

RE: SatoHaru Discussion Thread - Arekkusubara - 12-30-2011 01:40 PM

AMV time!~ (I still don't know what AMV stands for…)

This is one I found in my YouTube history of liked videos, from about two weeks ago; I hope you enjoy and savor it as much as I did!~

I apologize for having to direct-link the video, as I still haven't programmed the video code into the BBCode database (I can't make it parse correctly!) <_<

RE: SatoHaru Discussion Thread - GloomyHaruka - 12-31-2011 08:29 PM

AMV stands for Anime Music Video. c:
And cute video.xD
I usually suck at finding good Advanceshipping AMV's.> . >
Though I'm good at finding AMAZING regular anime AMV's.xD

RE: SatoHaru Discussion Thread - Lighting_Raichu - 01-01-2012 05:08 AM

I think we need a new topic to keep us going so how about:

What is your favorite SatoHaru moment?
I'll answer this topic later,
after I give it some thought

RE: SatoHaru Discussion Thread - GloomyHaruka - 01-01-2012 06:23 AM

What is your favorite SatoHaru moment?:
Hmmmmmmmm ffffffffffffffffffffff this is a hard one.; n ;
I guess the ep. where May get's trapped in the 'Forbidden Forest'. So cute.~
I also like how Ash pouts on movie 8 when everyone else was dancing.xD I'm sure he wanted to dance with May.~
And how May is always there to clam down Ash. Like in movie 8 and 7 and I think some other ep.xD May can always clam down Ash. <3
Also, of course, movie 9.<33333

RE: SatoHaru Discussion Thread - eduardog131 - 07-04-2013 12:25 PM

How did you come to like SotoHaru?

Well, It all started about 1 year ago, when I had been dating my girlfriend. I was still into Pokemon, and I was re-watching all the Pokemon movies. Then I came to 7,8, and 9. I remembered about May and how cute she was. She reminded me so much about my girlfriend. So, I started making real-life connections. How I was stubborn a lot of times like Ash. And I, for one thought May was the perfect one for Ash. So, there's yer explanation.

Some Images I found...(P.S, I'm linking these to meh Dropbox, so feel free to explore! Smile )[Image: _63IC4Sks9]