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Pikapost Official Forum-wide Rules (UPDATED JAN. 7)
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Information Pikapost Official Forum-wide Rules (UPDATED JAN. 7)
Pikapost Official Forum-wide Rules
Rules Section §1

This topic lays down the forum-wide rules for all of Pikapost, and should be followed without exception except under very special conditions. Well, here they are…!

§1-1 No spam! (3 points)
Don't make one-word posts, posts that have no meaning or purpose, and please, do not advertise on the threads themselves! If you wish to advertise, please utilize your signature to do so.

§1-2 No buying or selling here at Pikapost. (5 points)
The Pikapost Forums do not permit buying/selling of any sort of goods or merchandise, and getting involved in such activity here is prohibited. Hence, we cannot be held responsible when/if anything goes wrong with a deal.

§1-3 Illegal materials etc are prohibited from Pikapost. (7 points)
The discussion, distribution, and discussion of distribution of any sort of illegal materials is not allowed here at Pikapost.

§1-4 Refrain from making double/consecutive posts. (Continued offense: 2 points | Initial offense: Warning)
This sort of thing is tolerable to a degree, however continued violation of this rule or several violations in a short (12-24 hour) period will most likely result in consequences.

§1-5 Pornographic materials are unexceptionally not allowed. (10 points)
Any sort of pornographic material of any shape or form is disallowed here at Pikapost, and submitting such content will result in severe punishment, as long as it was intentional. However, because this is for pornography, this does not forbid conversing on the subject of adult material (as long as it is said in private), nor does it include fanfictions containing explicit material, as long as a crystal clear warning was given beforehand (be it in the thread title or fanfic rating).

§1-6 "Trolling" is unacceptable at Pikapost. (9 points)
Making inflammatory or arbitrarily condescending posts, PMs, or VMs; also creating pointless and/or irrelevant controversy is considered "trolling" and undermines the purpose of having an honest community. Take a look at YouTube--this site is where most trolling started, and now trolls are pretty much all you see there.

§1-7 Inappropriate content is disallowed. (5 points)
Normally, most major swear words are censored by the forum's censor database, however sometimes there's either a word that was left out, or users misspell words to avoid the censors. In such cases, there should be immediate, on-sight consequences for the offending user, unless it was by honest mistake. This also applies to all images and media posted on Pikapost.

§1-8 Basic respect is not optional. (4 points)
All members of Pikapost must show basic respect towards one another, which includes assuming good faith, respecting each others beliefs, and altogether refraining from harassment. Also, if someone behaves uncivilly or harasses you, do not respond with the same behavior. Instead, contact either an active administrator or a super moderator.

§1-9 Refrain from short/one-word posts. (2 points)
All posts, with an exception for private messages, must be both a minimum of 20 characters long and must contain at least four words. This rule may not have any additional exceptions, other than ones stated earlier in the rule description.

§1-10 The thread topic is there for a reason. (3 points)
Please refrain from straying from the topic at hand, unless the thread is geared for topic drifting. An initial offense will constitute a warning; repeated violations will result in a warning level increase of 3%.

Infractions and Bans
Listed below are the conditions for bans, and the associated durations of bans.
  • If a user achieves a warning level of 45%, then his/her account will be banned for one week (7 days).
    If a user achieves a warning level of 60%, then he/she will be banned for two weeks (14 days).
    If a user achieves a warning level of 75%, he/she will be banned for four weeks (28 days).
    If a user achieves a warning level of 90% or higher, then that user will be banned permanently.

Once a user finishes his/her ban after achieving a banpoint, he/she may not be banned again until he/she achieves the next banpoint. The exception to this is when a user achieves a 90%+ warning level, where the user is perma-banned.

Note: Sometimes you may notice a perma-banned user who is below 90% in their warning level. This can happen as the amount of points that totals 100% publicly changes every once in a while, so don't be alarmed.
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Information Pikapost Official Signature Rules
Pikapost Official Signature Rules

  1. Signatures may not exceed 600 pixels in width, nor may they exceed 200 pixels in height.
  2. Signatures may not contain more than 6 images, and no more than 16 smilies altogether.
  3. Signatures may not contain spoiler tags, flash tags, PHP tags, or code tags at all.
  4. Signatures must be in accordance with the Pikapost Board-wide Rules regardless.

Rules will be added/removed by AlexTheRose when necessary. Violation of the Signature Rules will result in a warning being issued; continued violation of these rules will result in a 4 point infraction being given.
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