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Pikapost Usergroup System
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Brick Pikapost Usergroup System
Pikapost has a structured staff usergroup system, which is explained below.

Senior Member
[Image: BubbleUserImageSeniorMember.png]
Basically a regular user with extended limits on things like PM space, attachment quota, etc.

[Image: BubbleUserImageModerator.png]
The usual moderator: has moderation powers on selected forums, can access the Mod CP, and has slightly extended space limits.

Super Moderator
[Image: BubbleUserImageSuperModerator.png]
Similar to the regular moderator, only users of this group can moderate any forum. Also has slightly greater quotas than moderators.

Ace Moderator
[Image: BubbleUserImageAceModerator.png]
Basically has all possible non-administrative powers. Has moderately large quota limits compared to senior members.

Assistant Administrator
[Image: BubbleUserImageAssistantAdmin.png]
The lowest rank of administration. Has only the most basic administrative powers, and also has generous space quotas compared to any type of moderator.

Staff Administrator
[Image: BubbleUserImageStaffAdmin.png]
These users help with most internal management of the board (i.e. Rule updates, user promotions, etc.), and have most of the available administrator powers.

Site Administrator
[Image: BubbleUserImageSiteAdmin.png]
The one and only. This person does all external management of the board (i.e. advert managing, donations, hosting, etc.), and has complete power over the entire site. I am the site admin of Pikapost, Twiggy is the site admin of LT, Archaic is the site admin of BMGf, and PPNSteve (Rukario) is the site admin of PC.

Site Affiliate (Special group)
[Image: BubbleUserImageSiteAffiliate.png]
Users in this group are usually the ones managing sites affiliated with the board. Affiliates get two iron stars which few groups get, and they also have extended space limits. Pikapost is the only board that I know of that utilizes this group.

And there you have it.
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12-10-2011 10:07 AM
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