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Music Central
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Music Central
Music Central:

Welcome to Music Central, the place where you can talk, share and listen to music.~
Music has many genres, made by thousands if not billions of different people from all around the world. We, as humans, create cultures. And music is one of them.
But it'd be impossible if we knew each and every song the world has too offer. So here you can share your own songs or some of your favourites.~
Anyone is welcomed to join, no matter what kind of music your into.~

~Follow PikaPost's rules as well.
~When sharing music you can either put, just the link, or just the actual video on the page.
~If you put the actual video on the page you don't need to put a spoiler tag. But if it's multiple video's in one shot, please put up the spoiler tag so the page doesn't lag. c:
~If the video doesn't say who the artist is or which song it is, please tell us the song name/artist. Only if you know of course.x3 This way we know what it is.
~The songs can be about anything. I don't believe in censoring music. Music is a form of speech.
~Remixes are allowed.
~Discussion about the artist, video or lyrics are welcome here.~
~Distribution of lyrics is also allowed.
~Biographies on the artist is allowed.
~Anything related to the artist or song and whatnot is allowed. This is a place to express yourself.
~Discussion about music laws, copyright, etc. is definitely allowed.
~No bashing, but criticism it self is allowed. You are of course allowed to say you dislike a artist, but please no violent behaviour.
~You may share songs, covers, remix's, etc. that you made as well. But please do tell us that it is your's so we know who the lovely artist is.~ c;
~If you have any question's or problems, please feel free to contract me.
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12-31-2011 11:58 PM
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