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[align=center][color=#FF0000][u]Pokémon Fanart:[/u][/color]

Hello and welcome to the Pokemon fanart section!~ c:
Here you may post [i][u]your own[/u][/i] Pokemon fanart. It can be characters, Pokemon, Pokemon OC/original characters, Gijinka's, shippings and whatever else you can think of!8D
Anyone is welcomes to join, as long as you respect the Pikapost's rules and our rules here. c:

~It has to be [u]YOUR[/u] own fanart. You are not allowed sharing/posting other people's work. This thread is meant to share your own art.
~Your fanart can be based on anything as long as it relates to Pokemon. OC/original character's and cross over's are also allowed.
~You are allowed posting the original link of your fanart below. (ex; Deviantart)
~Any sort of media is also allowed. So for example, photography, craft, traditional, digital, animation, etc.
~You can also advertise your art page (ex; Deviantart, MangaBullet, Tumblr, etc.), as long as it's not too repetitive.
~No bashing.
~Give [u]CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM[/u]. Please do not be rude/mean to other's. Be nice or you will get kicked out of this thread.
~This thread is not meant to post graphics. Photo-manipulation (ex; Pokemon in the real world) is allowed though.
~If you have any concern's and/or question's, please PM me!^ 0 ^

(Here you can give me the link of your art page and I will place them under here.)
This an awesome idea for a thread
I always like to see all the different types of fanart
that people come up with.
I guess I will be sharing some as well, I always welcome feedback

When I come up with something I will post it
Thank you!! c:
Cool, can't wait!! ^ 0 ^
Oh by the way, would you like me to put up a link where everyone can see your (I guess you can call it) art homepage? c:
Yeah, that would be awesome.

By the way how do we post pics,
since I haven't tried I don't know
Okay. c: What's the link?
Well to post up picture's, first click on 'Preview Post' below.
Then in your edit box click the button that looks like a little mountain with a sun (when you hover over it, it'll say 'Insert Image'). (It's in the same area as your text settings// bold, italic, etc.)
Click that and insert your direct link of your image and click enter/ok. c:
To get a direct link of an image you can host your images for free like Photobucket, imageshack, etc.
Or you can just type in the code yourself [*img]YOUR DIRRECT LINK HERE.[*/img] [u]Without the stars.[/u]
But I prefer clicking preview post, because it's faster.xD
Ahh I hope I explained it okay, I suck at explaining sometimes.; u ;
Well for my Deviantart- the link is lighting-raichu.deviantart.com/

and I guess I will start us off with something I did for this past Christmas
[Image: PkmnXmas2011.jpg]
Alright I'll add you to the list now!! ^ 0 ^
And d'awww I still love this picture!; u ;
My fav Advanceshipping Christmas picture this year.xD
I love how May's eyes look so deductive and Ash's reaction too it.xD
And I also like the simple colouring you did to it.c:
It gives it a simple feel too it.~
That was the look I was trying to get with May's eyes and Ash's reaction
I always thought May would be the one to take the initiative
Well I wasn't to sure how to color it.
At first i was planning on just doing the line art and leaving it at that, but it looked to simple
Then I colored it normally and I didn't like the way it looked
finally I changed the whole line art so it looked like pen swipes and finally just did the simple coloring

Personally I never really liked coloring, since I suck at it.
Yeah, I always thought May would be the one to hit/flirt on Ash first.xD
I really like it.: D The colouring slightly reminds me of Suzu's colouring, simple and clean.x3 (LOL. That's also a song name.xD DERP.)
Hmmm well when it comes to colouring digitally, you'll usually need 3 (I prefer more than 3) or more colours for the same colour. So the base colour, the shadow's and the highlights.
When it comes to pencil crayons, usually 3 is enough. c:
Though I still need to work on my colouring and lineart skills as well.xD
I was trying to do your drawing, but it kept frustrating me.; n ; Sorry that I'm late on it.xD I realllllly need a tablet, I can't do the effects I want with just the mouse.:c
I'll keep that in mind
usually any type of sketch or drawing I do
isn't colored
but I guess one has to keep practicing if you want to get better.

The tablet really does help I got one not to long ago but it wasn't one of the more expensive ones
and it works fine.
I suggest you start with one of the less expensive ones (the one I got was $40) and move your way up
to the more expensive ones (most expensive I know of $2,200)
Yeah I know what you mean.
I used to never colour any of my drawings, and now I can't stop.xD
Practice does make perfect.~
Hmmm maybe I should get one.; u ; Though I'll have to wait a little while, maybe until spring I can buy it.
Only 40$ bucks?: D Sounds great, what's the company/brand name?
And HUJFDHEJWSA 2,200$ dollar's?D: That's a lot.
Someone would have to be pretty determined to get one of those.xD
(I really need to get a part time job... Why is my French so baddddddd!?; 0 ; )
The one I got is the VT PenPad 7.7-Inch Graphic Pen Tablet
although it is not a big brand, it's pretty reliable and easy to install.
I would get the $2,200 it looks soo frickin awesome but I don't have the money

Like I said it's best to start with something simple and move your way up to a more
complex one.
Thanks! ^ 0 ^
Yeah I would want to get it too, but I really don't have the money.xD
Yeah, it's best to do that, especially if you have to pay it with money LOL.xD
I remember before I got Photoshop, I used basic programs like MS Paint and (I really forget the name of the other one, but it's the same icon as a .jpeg document).
And then when I got used to those, I got Photoshop.xD Of course it was completely different and look a really long time to get used to it, but still.xD